Planning, planning

A day of planning bits and pieces for the coming weeks. Heading to Graz on the 4th and have found places to couch surf for that night before meeting Mark and Sylvia the next day. Had a squizz at jobs again. There’s a MySQL, PHP webby-type job here in Immenstadt and a few embedded software jobs in Munnich. Even had a few hours hacking at some ADO code for a MS Access DB in C#. Blerk.

Church in Untermaiselstein (Allgaeu, Germany) resize Eating out 3 (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above: Church in Untermaiselstein, May pole in Allgaeu?

6 thoughts on “Planning, planning

  1. Nahhh, I miss NZ already but the plan could well be to stay over here for the winter. Haven’t found too many rich Europeans willing to share their money with me yet…

    Indeedy, I think you shouldn’t have to login now as I found the setting in wordpress that allows commenting without logging in. If it is cunning it will recognise your static ip address… Not sure how cunning it is though…

    So when are you coming over to bum around for a bit? There are plenty of tasty Scandinavian/European girls for your discerning tastes here.

  2. Pah, logging in is so much easier… Your cunningness requires me to type several more fields in. And you know how lazy I am. Especially fortified only by orange juice. But not to worry, I’ve managed to find the button now….

  3. @mjs
    Muhahahahhaha, I am drunk with power! Actually, I don’t know why it did that. Hopefully it knows who you are now… Ok, time for another blog entry…

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