Goodbye Hostmonster

Hello SiteGround.

After 12 years of hosting with Hostmonster it’s time to try something new.

Hostmonster started off good but over the last few years they’ve got progressively worse. I’ve had enough of random unexplained outages, and extremely slow web page load times.

Here’s what it was looking like in November 2015. The left shows the response time with progressively more concurrent accesses and on the right the worst response times after testing at various places around the world.

hostmonster loadimpacthostmonster loadimpact 2

Above: Hostmonster


Above: Siteground


So it looks like is faster and more consistent…

Let’s hope it stays that way.

Attack of the Aliens (Now in HD)

Seeing as I finally have a new laptop and I finally have a bit of spare time I thought I’d finally dig up some HD video that has been languishing on a HDD for some time. I haven’t quite got the codecs I want to produce premium video but still for those with too much bandwidth I give you… Attack of the Aliens, now in HD. Ok, only 720p as something odd is happening with my dandy flash player.

Above: Attack of the Aliens, otherwise known as The Demise of Katie’s Tent.