Love in the Time of Cholera

Mark and Syvlia headed to the castle Brun in the morning. I was feeling in an un-touristy mood and went for a run instead and hung around in Codlea. In the afternoon I headed into Brasov and met Raluca. Her goal for the day was to buy an ice-cream so we set about trying to complete this arduous task. Unfortunately, we were interrupted by Mark and Sylvia who had arrived back in Codlea. They were sitting outside the apartment without the key and of course, being Romania, without the door handle. The interesting locals were entertaining them. We ate our ice creams and headed out to Codlea on a rescue mission.

Mark and Sylvia seemed to have enjoyed the experience. A drunk old man had talked to them almost constantly in Romanian. Mark had a parallel but potentially entirely different conversation with him in English. They were the stars of the show with a crowd around them, I’m told.

Later, Mark and Sylvia cooked a yummy meal and we watched a DVD (post title). Well, the Kiwis did. Raluca fell asleep shortly after it began, waking at the end. We chatted until the not-so-wee hours.

Raluca and Mark on the couch 2 (Codlea, Romania) resize

Above left: Spot the door handle in this picture. We had to take this with us whenever we left the apartment so that we could get back in. It wasn’t enough to leave it attached to the door. Is this a Romanian tradition?

Below left: Sylvia likes to wear the pants and has sent Mark to the sin-bin. Below right: Yum, yum, yum, it’s dinner time.

Mark is sent to the sin bin 2 (Codlea, Romania) resize Another dinner in Codlea (Codlea, Romania) resize

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