A day in Cluj

Went for a bit of a run in the morning up the hill so that I could come back and binge on chocolate at the hostel. Yum yum. Mark, Sylvia, and I went for a walk in the botanical gardens in the afternoon. In the evening we met Tomas, a Romanian guy that Sylvia had met on the bus from Budapest. He’s a super-friendly student studying economics and speaks very good English. We went out to a pub called insomniac and had a drink with him. Travelling is great for meeting friendly people.

Sylvia and Mark (Kluj, Romania) resize Tomas, Mark, and Sylvia (Kluj, Romania) resize

Above left: Sylvia and Mark admire the view in the gardens. Above right: Tomas, Mark, and Sylvia heading to the pub.

Tomas, Mark, and Syvlia at a pub (Kluj, Romania) resize Cris, Tomas, Mark, and Sylvia at the pub (Kluj, Romania) resize

Above: Us at Insomniac pub.

Below: Cluj by night.

Night view 4 (Kluj, Romania) resize National something (Kluj, Romania) resize

2 thoughts on “A day in Cluj

  1. Hi Cris. This European adventure has made you nearly as cultured as me judging by the photo of you in insomniac pub, drinking red wine in your best shirt 🙂 Careful not to spill any of it on your only shirt or phil’s undies!

  2. I am as smooth as a good red wine. And you shouldn’t listen to everything you hear/read. I have hundreds of shirts like this one and an entire drawer of (Phill’s) undies. No wait, that’s not quite right.

    Hope people are still breaking their PCs and that business is booming for you.


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