Hello from Romania

We are in Cluj-Napoca in Romania (see map). Hello. We’re staying in the Retro hostel in the city centre. So how did we get here? Well, the day started by us packing up at Phill’s place and saying goodbye to him. Thanks for having us Phill. Then we wandered through Budapest stopping only to allow me time to consume a delicious fatty chocolate pasty for breakfast. We took the underground to a bus station and got on a little mini-bus that took us for a 8 hour journey out of Budapest, through Hungary, across the border into Romania and to Cluj. Overall, I can report that train rides are much more enjoyable although a bit more expensive.

Once we arrived in Cluj, we headed to a hostel that Mark and Sylvia’s lonely planet guide suggested. We employed the age-old art of asking locals for directions to help us navigate to the hostel. After signing in we went for a dusk stroll to procure goods for dinner. We whipped up a delicious egg plant and tomato storm that we had with pasta. Yum. And there you have it… Another day in the travels of me, and some of my friends. Time for some pictures.


Cris has taken Phill's underwear hostage (Cluj, Romania) resize View from retro hostel (Cluj, Romania) resize

Above left: Ooops, Cris seems to have stolen a pair of Phill’s underpants. How did that happen? Above right: View from the hostel by night.

Below left: Mark relaxing at the Retro hostel. Below right: Sylvia is such a geek. We try and keep her away from the computer but she just has to update her Facebook status. What are we to do?

Mark relaxing at the Retro hostel (Cluj, Romania) resize Sylvia catches up on facebook (Cluj, Romania) resize

Below left: Kitchen in the hostel. Below right: Dodgy Romanian streets?

The kitchen (Cluj, Romania) resize Street view (Cluj, Romania) resize

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