Heading to Brasov

We are on the train heading to Brasov. We didn’t realise that you have designated seats in Romania and we piled into the first carriage only to exit again a few minutes later and run down the platform to the other end of the train. We’re sitting in the heat talking to Andrei, a friendly Romanian guy who is studying computer engineering.

Lads on the train (Romania) resize Burnt out buildings (Copsa Mica, Romania) resize

Above left: Mark, Andrei, and Cris on the train. Above right: Copsa Mica was the most polluted inhabited town in Europe until they stopped the industries operating there.

I meant to post about the amazing guy who works in the Retro Hostel. I’m really impressed at his grasp of different languages. He’s Romanian and speaks seven languages: Romanian, Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. He speaks the first five fluently. Wahnsinn. I was speaking to him in English and he sounded like a native speaker from somewhere in England but apparently he’s never been there. Then later we were talking in English with some non-native speakers and his accent changed to mimic their accents. Or was I just going crazy? Anyway, I was very impressed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get his autograph or even a photo otherwise I’d post it here.

Later on:

So we arrived in Brasov and found a hostel for the night. It turns out that this hostel has a ‘shagging room’. This is a single room, inside which is a double bed for two frisky individuals. Extra towels are provided. So I took my Hooker to the shagging room but unfortunately he wasn’t at all interested in me. In fact he couldn’t keep his hands off Sylvia. Anyway, we’ve ended up in this room because the others wanted some privacy. Ummm, yes… No, that’s what they said. I am sleeping on a mattress beside there double bed.

We all went running in the hills before tea, separately, because we can’t stand each others company. Apparently we’re supposed to look out for bears around here. They come down from the mountains and look for rubbish to eat in Brasov.

Cris above cliff (Brasov, Romania) resize View 2 (Brasov, Romania) resize

Above left: Cris above a cliff at the top of the hill overlooking Brasov. Above right: Looking out over Brasov.

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