Nebelhorn klettersteig

Today, Peter, Ulli, and I headed up to a mountain named Nebelhorn on the gondola from Oberstdorf. From the 2224 m peak we joined the other lazy tourists who had also taken the ‘bahn’ and walked along a ridge with our Klettersteig gear. The ridge was not very technical and often we did not bother clipping into the protection. The views were spectacular. On our left hand side we could see down into grassy valleys far below. On our right there were hundreds of peaks some close and some further away from us. We could clearly see the towns of Sonthofen, and Immenstadt. Further in the distance we could make-out Kempten .

It took a few hours to walk along the ridge. It was extremely hot and so after descending to a lake below, Peter and I stripped off and swam in a delicious lake. Ulli bet that I wouldn’t swim from one end to the other and back because he said it would be far too cold. That sounded like a challenge… It was no-way near as cold as the iceberg lakes that Chris, Em, and I swam in. These Germans are just soft…

After swimming we headed down for a raedler at the bottom of the mountain before taking the bus back down another valley. On the way back I noticed a sign stating that the temperature was 29 degrees. Mmmm warm.

A good day sweating in the mountains.

[gmap lat=’47.421379′ lon= ‘10.341191’]

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