Nike off the paddle and through T13

Team Nike arrived at T13 at approx. 11am this morning (13/11) looking cold and tired. Unlike last night’s transition through A4 they were focused and it didn’t take long before they checked out and headed onto the 50km MTB chasing the section cut off at 2pm. OrionHealth came into transition about 15 minutes later. Teams Buff, Helly Hanson, and Q(?) transition much earlier, all between 7 and 8 am.

Nike cuts it fine

We’ve just had the most intense 15 minutes of the race. There was a crowd waiting as four mountain bikes crossed the road in front of us. They were moving with intention drafting behind Chris. Nike checked in at approximately 11:45pm, 15 minutes before the crucial cut off. The team looked like they have been going hard for sometime. Once checked in we guided them to their gear and they were out again with seconds to spare. They were a little confused but are intending to sleep now and we have loaded them up with a lot of food to eat.