It has started snowing here in Oberstdorf.

View from flat 4 (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize View from flat 6 (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above: The first photo is taken looking out of the skylight in my flat and the second photo is taken at the end of the street. There’s just a light dusting of snow so far.

Beer in Oxford Circus

I met Todd Bray in Oxford Circus in the evening and we had a couple of beers. I think I’ve only seen him a handful of times in the last 15 years so it was good to catch up.  He’s been living in London for a little over a month and has one of them dinky working holiday visas.

Todd lost amongst Trashy Lingerie (London) resize Cris and Todd in Oxford Circus (London) resize

Above left: We got a little lost while searching for beer. Todd uses his Google Maps enabled phone to lead us away from Trashy Lingerie. Above right: Todd and I with cheesy grins.


I’m visiting Jeremy for a few days in the happening town of Eastleigh near Southampton.

Jeremy and Mo 1 Jeremy celebrates Movember (Eastleigh, England) resize

Above: It’s Movemeber. On the left you can see Jeremy and his Mo 1.0  and on the right Jeremy and Mo 2.0. Personally I prefer the second edition. It makes him into Count Jeremy the Villainous… or something.

Cris (Eastleigh, England) resize Jeremy and friends (Eastleigh, England) resize

Above left: Eastleigh was switching on the Christmas lights and had fireworks. Everyone was very excited. Such excitement is rare in Eastleigh. Don’t I look excited? Above right: Jeremy, Rob, and friends endure photo snapage.

Jeremy and Rob with Edit hiding behind the couch (Eastleigh, England) resize Rob got scared and moved out (Eastleigh, England) resize

Above left: Jeremy and Rob do their best to hide their flatmate Edit behind the couch. Nothing to see here… Above right: Rob got scared by all the photos and decided to move out. The photo shows a small percentage of the boxes he had.