Back to London

Chris, Kati, and I got up at 4:30am and headed to the airport. I flew back to London and I’m staying with Greer again.

Cris and Greer at Dinner (London) resize

Above: Greer and I having dinner along the Southbank of the Thames.

Race updates

Unfortunately, I couldn’t update my blog nearly as much as I wanted during the race as we were too busy trying to get gear from one transition to the next. I’ll write a summary of the week and post that and a bunch of photos and videos.

Team heading home

With another night of very little sleep, due to packing, everyone is heading in their own directions. George and his painfully swollen feet are heading back to NZ. Mike and Mona are heading home to the US. I’m heading to London. Kati is heading to Bavaria and Chris is off home to Trondheim. A good but very busy week in Portugal.