Kati and I are waiting at T5 where we dropped the bikes. I tried to get a little bit of sleep but failed. We had a mad panic getting here when I checked the race web site from Lusa(sp) and realised that the first teams had already been through T5. We suspected that they were doing a shorter course but were not sure if Nike would miss out some CPs and therefore be much quicker. We were panicing when we got to T5 and realised that there were teams everywhere. Luckily Nike has still not arrived yet, approx. two hours later.

Day 2

Hectic. After the finished last night we drove for a couple of hours north to a little village where we stayed the night in a Penzion. Bed time was 2 am. At 6 am it was time to get up this morning. The team set off on a long hike at 8 am which will be followed by a mountain biking section and another hike. Kati and I have been trying to get the van in order, buy food, and now we are off to drop the bikes at T5. Tired….

Videos… later perhaps.