More race videos

Update Dec09: Are you having trouble playing these videos? Try Firefox. I am having problems with the video player under Internet Explorer.

I’ve uploaded some more race videos from the ARWC 2009.

Above: A few minute before race start.

Above: Nike in Transition T1 on the first day of the race.

Above: Lundhags Adventure leave T1 during the prologue.

Above: Nike in Transition T1 #2.

Above: Mona leaving A2.

Above: Nike leaves Assistance Area A2.

Above: A team skating in Stage 3.

Above: Nike in Assistance Area A3 getting ready to head out for a cold night trekking.

Above: Nike checks out of A3 into the night.

Above: Nike on the way to T15.

Above: Cris is a Putz-Frau.

Above: Chris shows off a post-race foot.

Above: Nike post-race.

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