Suvi and I went for a walk up Rubihorn in the heat. We did a loop from Oberstdorf up Rubihorn, down the other side to the Geisalpsee, and back around the side of the mountains. It took about seven hours-ish, and was punctuated with ice cream half way up, lunch on the summit, and a short swim by half of the party in the lake on the way down.

Suvi walks along track (Allgäu, Germany) resize Suvi near summit (Allgäu, Germany) resize Suvi does not have orange hair (Allgäu, Germany) resize

Above left: Suvi walks along the track leading to the summit of Rubihorn. Above middle: Suvi sits on the Rubihorn summit with the summit cross in the background.

Above right: Suvi was terrified that she had orange hair after seeing her hair in a photo. It became the topic of conversation many times throughout our walk. It’s not orange, is it? Or is it?!!

Rubihorn summit (Allgäu, Germany) resize

Above: A view with the Rubihorn summit cross in the foreground, Grünten to the right in the background, and Sonthofen somewhere in the middle.

In the evening we ate out with Frauke in Oberstdorf.

Suvi dips her toes in the Geisalpsee (Allgäu, Germany) resize Suvi and Frauke walking back to my flat (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above left: Dipping feet in the Geisalpsee. The water was definitely on the fresh side. My swim lasted a good 10 seconds.

Above right: Suvi and Frauke walk back through Oberstdorf after eating out at an Italian restaurant.

Klamm and climbing

Suvi and I investigated the Breitachklamm today. It was quite pretty. A little track climbs up through the ravine beside the river. In good European styles they were cashing-in at the bottom of the ravine. Pah. Suvi liked the cows in the paddock beside the cashiers. “The cows here look happy. I could be a cow here”, she exclaimed.

We went climbing in the afternoon at the little climbing wall near my place in Oberstdorf. That was of course after finishing an entire tub of Mövenpick ice cream… Mmm.

Suvi walking (Breitlachklamm, Allgaeu) resize Water (Breitlachklamm, Allgaeu) resize

Above left: Suvi walking in the Breitachklamm. Above right: Water in the klamm.

Below left: We escaped some of the tourists at the top of the klamm and walked up the river a bit and found a place to paddle in the very cold water.

Suvi sitting (Breitlachklamm, Allgaeu) resize

Below right: We went climbing in the evening and the little climbing crag near where I live. The climbs in surrounding Suvi in the picture are easy with more difficult climbs further to the right.

Climbing (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

“The cows here look happy. I could be a cow here.” – Suvi Honkanen

Day 4 – A ride and then back to Germany

Frauke and I had severe motivational problems half way through our ride today and as we had lost the route we decided to return early. Instead we lazed at the lake-side for a little bit before crawling slowly back to Germany in a good old-fashioned European traffic-jam. As we crossed back into Germany we were greeted by torrential rain just like when we left on Thursday morning. Full marks for consistency.

Cris is tired (Lago di Garda) resize

Above: Five days of riding can be tiring. We traded our bikes for a traffic-jam and were greeted by torrential rain when we arrived back in Germany.

Time: Approx. 2 hrs Dst: Approx 34 km.

Day 3 – More riding

We had a few hours of ascending in the morning to an interesting little park area in the hills. Lunch, and a steep little descent. We met a few German guys who were trying to find a particular trail back down to the lake. We tagged along and headed through what seemed like a fairly random paddock onto a trail. It turned out to be an excellent rocky descent. Frauke lapped it up and we left the other guys to bounce at a more sedate pace down the hill.

Day 3 Time 3:31:07 Dst 40.78 km Avg 11.5 km/h Max 56.6 km/h