Run and hike

After too much computing in the morning, I escaped and went for a nice little run along the track that runs through the forest about halfway up the side of Rubihorn. I did a loop back through the village Rubi to Oberstdorf.

Frauke arrived and we drove out to the bottom of Rubihorn and headed up the valley, then turned left and ended up on a mountain called Schnippenkopf. It was rather cold so we didn’t hang around.

View from my run (Allgäu, Germany) resize Water (Allgäu, Germany) resize Frauke walking (Schnippenkopf, Allgäu, Germany) resize Cross (Schnippenkopf, Allgäu, Germany) resize

Above: Pictures taken along the way.

And here’s some maps.

Run from Oberstdorf below Rubihorn and return-web

Above: My running route.

Below: Our walking route.

Walk up Schnippenkopf, Allgaeu, Germany-web