MTB Rappenecker Hütte

Julian, Jana, Al, Amber, and I went for a mountain bike ride to the Rappenecker Hütte. Jana headed back halfway leaving the kiwis to talk crap and thrash up the hill. Al and Amber arrived last week after having a month of cycle touring through Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France. Needless to say they are both in fine shape and were loving the bumpy single track on their rigid Konas. The roadie spirit was their and they both launched occasional attacks to keep Julian and I on our toes.

Julian and Al MTB (Freiburg) resize Having a break (Freiburg) resize

Above: Spot the Kiwis.

Below: Cris, Alastair, Amber, and Julian eating at the Rappenecker Hütte.

Eating at the Rappenecker Hütte (Black Forest, Germany) resize

Above: Descending through the Black Forest.

Below: A map of our route.
Rappenecker Huette MTB with Julian, Al, Amber, Jana (Frieburg)-web[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Shauinsland again

Frauke and I rode up Shauinsland and down some nice trails. I made the terrible mistake of not taking my camera and thereby reducing my chances of documenting every moment. So instead I shall post our route overlaid with the route that Julian, Alex, and I took the week before. The route that Frauke and I took is in blue and Julian’s route is in red. That’s all.

Shauinsland mountain bike rides (Freiburg)-web[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Mountain biking to Kandel

Frauke visited for the weekend. We went mountain biking with Julian and a work friend Walter. Our trip took us over Rosskopf and along little trails through the Black Forest to the top of a hill named Kandel. The single track was delicious. Frauke got a little hungry and claimed she could see “pommes” floating in front of her. We ordered some chips at the Kandel summit and headed back down along more excellent little trails. A great ride.

MTB Blur (Freiburg, Germany) resize Eating at the summit of Kandel (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above left: A blurry biker in the forest. Above right: Frauke, Walter, Julian, and I sitting eating our fatty pommes at the summit.

Below: Frauke and Walter descending through the Black Forest. It looks decidedly brown really.

Frauke descending from Kandel (Freiburg, Germany) resize Walter descending from Kandel (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Of course I had my GPS with me. Below is a map of our trip.

MTB Kandel with Frauke, Julian, Walter, Cris (Freiburg)-reduced[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Bike stats: Time 04:30:53 Dist. 57.6 km Avg. 12.75 km/h Max. 48.48 km/h

Wednesday running

I went running with the MRI jogging group after work this evening. It reminded me of the Wednesday runs of old (although it was carried out at a more casual pace). Julian and I did a longer route up to Rosskopf and back down again speaking our best German all the way.

Wind turbines (Rosskopf, Freiburg, Germany) resize Cris on Rosskopf (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above left: Wind turbines on Rosskopf. Above right: Me looking old and wrinkly. I blame Julian’s camera work!

Below: Our route took us on a winding journey up Rosskopf and back, about 13km in total.

Wednesday run with work group (Freiburg)-reduced[maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Below: One of the original Wednesday night runs back in 2005 above the Bridle Path on the Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wednesday Night Run 3 (Bridle Path) resize

Mountain biking in the Black Forest

I went mountain biking with Julian and his friend Alex in the Black Forest this afternoon. We spent a couple of hours heading up to Shauinsland before descending along a ridge and eventually ending back in Freiburg. The descent was awesome. It was mostly single track on such a gradient that you could ride with a bit of speed. It was just technical enough to make for some interesting bits and keep you on the edge of your seat (so to speak). I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had pizza and beer back in Freiburg by the Dreisam river.

MTB with Alex and Julian (Black Forest, Freiburg, Germany) resize Nail disaster (Black Forest, Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above left: Us riding along a wider section of road. Above right: Julian was unlucky and managed to get two punctures during the ride thus totally destroying his yearly average. I reckon he will have to go a few years without punctures to bring the average back down to an acceptable level. Unfortunately his kevler reinforced tires were no match for this well placed nail.

MTB ride with Alex and Julian (Freiburg)-reduced[gpxspeedchart=show;maptype=G_HYBRID_TYPE]

Above: Our route took us from Freiburg up into the forest and then briefly back down into the valley. We left the sealed road and rode by various tracks up to the Shauinsland summit. After a break we headed down premium single tracks for beer and pizza by the Dreisam in Freiburg.