Der Dritter Gang

Frauke and I formed a prestigious club today. The “Dritter Gang” was its name and being so prestigious it has only two members. Those two members ride their mountain bikes in nothing easier than the third gear, one out of necessity and the other for moral support. Unfortunately after a few minutes of riding we discovered that Frauke’s derailleur hanger was bent and as a result she could not change into her second gear without the derailleur poking into the spokes. We surmised this was probably from a crash she had at the end of the ride yesterday.

The ride today was from the tourist town of Oberstaufen up into the hills. We found a nice little track along a ridge which we followed. Apparently some snotty German trekking types found this aggravating. Luckily I was totally oblivious to their complaints. We cruised up and down through the hills in the still autumn afternoon. Very tasty. For dessert we went climbing.

Frauke ascending in dem Dritter Gang (Allgaeu, Germany) resize Frauke climbing in Kempten (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above left: Frauke ascending in her third gear. Technical difficulties meant that her easiest gear was the third one. Above right: Frauke climbing in Kempten in the evening.

Below: Frauke riding in Der Dritter Gang.

A new bike

I bought a mountain bike in Allgäu today. One can never have enough bikes and as I had only two in Germany I really needed another. I’m sure three is not quite enough but at least for now it will have to do. My new steed is not quite as sexy as my road bike but what it lacks in carbon it makes up in a cushy full suspension ride.

Frauke and I went for a ride in Gunzesried. A nice little number with a very steep ascent a bit like the bridal path in Christchurch. From Bärenköpfle we descended back into Gunzesried where we met Kathi for another ride. This time we headed further up the valley (Ostertal) and to the left towards Rangiswanger horn and onwards to Ofterschwanger horn. After lots of climbing and sweating we had a view back into the main valley and we could see Grünten and Sonthofen. It was a fantastic autumn day and there was a sprinkling of snow on the mountain tops.

Cris on his new bike (Allgaeu, Germany) resize Riding with Frauke and Kathi (Allgaeu, Germany) resize View towards Gruenten (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above left: Cris with his new fancy mountain bike. Ooooh full suspension. Above middle: We went riding with Kathi starting in Gunzesried and heading up into the hills. Above right: It was nice and sunny and we had a good view down to Sonthofen and out towards Grünten (the peak in the background).

MTB with Kathi and Frauke in Allgaeu-web[maptype=G_HYBRID_MAP]