Day 6 – Rørnestinden

The weather gods were well pleased with us again today. I’m not sure what we did to earn their blessings but we had another blue-skys day. Today’s mission was a tour up Rørnestinden (1041 m), a peak 20 minutes drive from our luxurious abode. The tour had a fairly gentle gradient with a maximum of 25-30 degrees. The snow was nice and we trudged our way up to the peak where we were greeted with an awesome view of the fiords below. There is a large cairn at the summit and behind the cairn the ground falls away sharply down to the fiord below. We paused to take the obligatory summit photos and then geared up to head down the delicious slope below us.

We had an awesome run down a face with nice soft powdery snow of about 350-ish vertical metres. Once wasn’t enough and we slogged back up to do it again. Chris clipped Emily in a high speed crash on the second descent but luckily neither were hurt. We finished the day by skiing down an icy face and into probably the nastiest snow I’ve ever skied in. A crunchy top with powdery stuff underneath. The crunchy top was just weak enough to allow you to break through and catch your edges in.

Awesome fiord below (Rørnestinden, Norway) resize Snowy mountains 2 (Rørnestinden, Norway) resize Cris reaches the summit (Rørnestinden, Norway) resize

Above: Photos taken at the summit of Rørnestinden. The fiord shown is Kjosen visible when looking West – North West from the summit. Below: Tim and Emily at the summit (left) and Hallvard and Aly jumping from the cairn at the summit.

Tim and Em on the summit (Rørnestinden, Norway) resize Hallvard flying (Rørnestinden, Norway) resize Ally flying (Rørnestinden, Norway) resize

Below left: Cris at the summit of Rørnestinden with Kjosen fiord in background. Below middle and right: Tim skis the fantastic descent with Storfjorden behind.

Cris on summit with fiord behind 2 (Rørnestinden, Norway) 2 resize Tim descending 2 (Rørnestinden, Norway) Tim descending (Rørnestinden, Norway)

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