Day 10 – Storgalten

I am currently lying in a tent near the Tromsø airport. I found a little hovel to grovel in for the night before I get up for my flight at 6 am tomorrow.

Cris and tent 3 (Tromsø, Norway) resize

Above: Cris in his grovel hovel at Tromsø airport.

Today was my last tour in the Lyngen Alps. I headed out with our Swiss/German neighbours and did a tour up Storgalten (1219 m) with them. It was really nice and warm and we had sweeping views over the fiords and the snow covered mountains all around. It seemed to be a tourist peak, perhaps because it was an easy 1210 m ascent. The peak was crowded with people trampling around all over the summit despite it appearing to be very corniced at the edge. After 15 mins or so Chris and Emily skinned up with Aly, Hallvard, and Tim following. We said goodbye before I skied quickly down with the Europeans to catch our ferry and head back to Tromsø. Emily texted me later to tell me I had missed out on some nude skiing down from the summit… It was probably warm enough.

Cris on the summit 2 (Storgalten, Norway) resize Cris and Martin on the summit (Storgalten, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris at the summit of Storgalten (1219 m). Above right: Cris and Martin at the summit of Storgalten. Martin was one of the Swiss ‘neighbours’ next to our lodge in the Lyngen Alps.

Chris and Em skin up 2 (Storgalten, Norway) resize Cris, Em, Chris at the summit 2 (Storgalten, Norway) resize

Above left: Em and Chris skin up to the summit of Storgalten. Above right: Cris, Em, and Chris on the summit of Storgalten.

Day 9 – Langdalstindane

We drove for an hour or so to the same area as we were in yesterday and skinned 4 km in towards our peak. We were out to conquer Langdalstindane (1580 m) but the weather seemed to have other ideas. After ascending for a few hundred metres we were in a white-out. We found our way up to a bowl shaped area and sat there. Spirits were a little low as we had been wanting to summit today. Hallvard made his usual suggestion of building a kicker. This time a kicker was built and Chris, Aly, and Hallvard spent the next 45 mins or so jumping over a little cornice into the bowl.

Ski touring in white out (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize Trekking through the mist (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize The fake summit (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above left and middle: We ascended into cloud making our chances for a successful summit slim. Above right: Aly and Chris celebrate the “summit” in the bowl half way up.

Chris drops 2 (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize Ally drops (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above left: We stopped due to poor visibility. As we waited for a potential break in the weather Chris, Aly, and Hallvard built a kicker. Chris drops into the bowl in this photo. Above right: Aly lifts off.

It seemed that waiting this was the right thing to do because it slowly began to clear until we could see awesome peaks above us. In front of us rising out of a basin was the glacier that leads up towards the summit. We decided to go for the top and began starting up the glacier. Chris, Em, and I roped up as we began to ascend. On both sides of the basin the mountains had the most awesome looking snowy/ice features. It was such an awesome feeling to be there.

After a while Emily decided she would prefer to walk and we debated whether I should stay on the rope or walk up alone. I tried to release my ski but the side of my boot got caught in the binding and it jammed. I pushed it out knocking the ski loose and it began to slide backwards down the steep slope. I swore as we watched it slowly pick up speed. Luckily however as it did that it turned so that the brake and ski crampon that I had fitted a minute earlier cut into the snow. The ski stopped and I went down and fetched it. We trekked the last 50 m or so of the 1530 m ascent to the summit without further problems.

The views from the top and during our ascent were absolutely awesome. Snow covered mountains in every direction. I could easily become addicted to this. Mmmm delicious.

Crossing the glacier (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize Skis off (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above left: Skinning up the glacier on the rope with Chris and Em. Above right: Skins off and it was time to carry our skis for the last 50 m.

View from top of glacier 2 (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize View from summit (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above: Views from near the summit.

Cris at summit (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize Us at the summit (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize Emily, Hallvard, Tim on the summit (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above: Photos from the summit of Langdalstindane.

Ally at the summit (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize Chris and Em (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above left: Aly about to start the descent with Go Pro camera attached. Above right: Chris and Em about to make the descent.

Chris looks off into the distance (Langdalstindane, Norway) resize

Above: Chris prepares to ski down the last section of the descent.

By the time we got home it was nearly 9 pm. This was of course not a problem as it doesn’t get dark at the moment. We celebrated a good day by lounging in the hut tub by the sea.

In the hot tub (Lyngen Alps, Norway) 1 resize As dark as it gets 2 (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize

Above left: Beer in the hot tub after a good day out in the mountains. Above right: As dark as it gets. The view out into the fiord taken at 1 am. I was keen to see the northern lights but it never got dark enough.

Day 8 – Tomesrenna

We were all a little tired and indecisive in the morning. Despite setting alarms for 6:30 am we fluffed around until 9:00 am before we headed out into reasonably crusty weather. We drove for an hour or so and did a small tour towards Tomesrenna and the glacier above. We ended up abandoning due to dodgy snow and avalanche conditions (and a wee bit of laziness). The sun came out, however, and we still had a good time.

Cris with fiord behind (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Em and Chris with fiord behind (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris takes a break after slogging through thick wet snow. Above right: Em and Chris with the fiords behind.

View of snowy mountains 2 (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize View of snowy mountains (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above: View up towards the colouir (Tomesrenna).

Hallvard slogs up the mountain (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Hallvard (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Tim (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above left: Hallvard slogs up the hill. Above middle: Hallvard (our Norwegian) takes a break. Above right: Tim (our Aussie) takes a break.

Hut and mountains 2 (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Hallvard jumps off the grass roof (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above left: Our tour passed by these little grass huts. Above right: Hallvard demonstrates the proper use of the grass roofed huts. He landed it. Apparently the grass was not as slippery as he had thought hence his interesting technique.

Day 7 – Tafeltinden

Today we opted for a peak closer to home. The tour started from our lodge. We headed away from the sea back towards the mountains and climbed steeply at first into a gully. We then headed up towards the Koppangsbreen and Strupbreen glaciers. We were geared up with our harnesses, ropes, and various bits of string but decided not to rope up as we crossed the glacier. Everybody needs a little weight training after all.

The views back down towards the fiord were amazing. There were peaks covered in pure white snow all around us. I was lapping it up. We finished with another steep section before arriving at the summit of Tafeltinden (1395 m). From the top we had a delicious descent back down the glacier in the soft snow. It’s amusing how long it takes to ascend compared with how quickly you can get down again. It had been another awesome tour and we blobbed out on the deck with beer and chips to celebrate.

Cris runs towards the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize Towards the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris demonstrates his run-to-the-summit technique. Above right: Heading towards the summit.

The crew on the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize View down towards the fiords (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize

Above: The crew on the summit of Tafeltinden and the view behind.

Chris and Em (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize Cris on the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize

Above left: Chris and Emily take a small break to pose for the camera. Above right: Cris standing on the summit of Tafeltinden.

Ally and Cris on the deck (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize Ally serves up a feast (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize

Above left: Aly and Cris with skis and beer after the tour. Above right: Aly served up a home-made fish and chips feast for dinner. Mmmmm.