Day 7 – Tafeltinden

Today we opted for a peak closer to home. The tour started from our lodge. We headed away from the sea back towards the mountains and climbed steeply at first into a gully. We then headed up towards the Koppangsbreen and Strupbreen glaciers. We were geared up with our harnesses, ropes, and various bits of string but decided not to rope up as we crossed the glacier. Everybody needs a little weight training after all.

The views back down towards the fiord were amazing. There were peaks covered in pure white snow all around us. I was lapping it up. We finished with another steep section before arriving at the summit of Tafeltinden (1395 m). From the top we had a delicious descent back down the glacier in the soft snow. It’s amusing how long it takes to ascend compared with how quickly you can get down again. It had been another awesome tour and we blobbed out on the deck with beer and chips to celebrate.

Cris runs towards the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize Towards the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris demonstrates his run-to-the-summit technique. Above right: Heading towards the summit.

The crew on the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize View down towards the fiords (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize

Above: The crew on the summit of Tafeltinden and the view behind.

Chris and Em (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize Cris on the summit (Tafeltinden, Norway) resize

Above left: Chris and Emily take a small break to pose for the camera. Above right: Cris standing on the summit of Tafeltinden.

Ally and Cris on the deck (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize Ally serves up a feast (Lyngen Alps, Norway) resize

Above left: Aly and Cris with skis and beer after the tour. Above right: Aly served up a home-made fish and chips feast for dinner. Mmmmm.

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