Shauinsland Mission

Julian, Nico, Steffi, Benni, and I went on a running mission up to the top of Shauinsland and back down into Freiburg today. The run took 4 hours 15 mins in total and was 33 km. Benni and Steffi took the gondola down to the bottom and Julian, Nico, and I gave our legs a pounding as we descended using the little tracks followed by the road that runs through Horben. I was quite sore by the end of the run, however Jakob convinced me to go mountain biking back up Kippfelsen where we had run earlier.


Julian, Steffi, Nico, Benni running up Schauinsland (Freiburg) resize Steffi and Nico navigating snow 2 (Shauinsland, Freiburg) resize Cris, Julian, Benni, Steffi, Nico on the Shauinsland summit 3 (Freiburg) resize

Above left: Julian, Steffi, and Nico running up Shauinsland. Above middle: Steffi, and Nico navigate a snowy bank. Above right: Us at the top of Shauinsland.

Below: Mountain biking later on.

Mountain biking Kippfelsen (Kippfelsen, Freiburg) resize

More ski touring

More skiing this weekend. On Saturday we skiied in Lechtal in Austria. Frauke had picked a tour that headed up to a mountain named Galtjoch. The weather was fine and although we had patches of grass on our descent I thought the skiing was still pretty good. I would rate it as one of the best tours of the season.

Ascending together (Galtjoch, Austria) resize Towards the summit (Galtjoch, Austria) resize

Above left: The team heads up through forest towards Galtjoch. Above right: Heading towards the Galtjoch summit.

Perhaps the last ski tour (Galtjoch, Austria) resize

Above left: Waltraud walks across grassy slopes in search of snow.

On Sunday, Frauke, Marcus, and I went up Krinnenspitze in Tannheimer Tal. We had a steep descent down a gulley back onto the piste below.

Steep slope (Krinnenspitze, Austria) resize

Above: View of Tannheimer Tal from the side of Krinnenspitze.

Above: Descending from Galtjoch.


Running on Friday evening followed by dinner with Nico and Steffi. A MTB ride out to St Peter punctuated with some delicious cake at a cafe. Mmm. Raclette in the evening with Jakob, Sebastian, and Anna.

Raclette (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above: Raclette! Cook your own dinner on little frying pans.

Below: Jakob was keen for a sugary treat so we made a sickly chocolate self saucing pudding.

Jakob like chocolate self-saucing pudding (Freiburg, Germany) resize