More ski touring

More skiing this weekend. On Saturday we skiied in Lechtal in Austria. Frauke had picked a tour that headed up to a mountain named Galtjoch. The weather was fine and although we had patches of grass on our descent I thought the skiing was still pretty good. I would rate it as one of the best tours of the season.

Ascending together (Galtjoch, Austria) resize Towards the summit (Galtjoch, Austria) resize

Above left: The team heads up through forest towards Galtjoch. Above right: Heading towards the Galtjoch summit.

Perhaps the last ski tour (Galtjoch, Austria) resize

Above left: Waltraud walks across grassy slopes in search of snow.

On Sunday, Frauke, Marcus, and I went up Krinnenspitze in Tannheimer Tal. We had a steep descent down a gulley back onto the piste below.

Steep slope (Krinnenspitze, Austria) resize

Above: View of Tannheimer Tal from the side of Krinnenspitze.

Above: Descending from Galtjoch.

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