Tramping Schrecksee Day 2

The rain cleared just before we got up and we were lulled into a false sense of security by the warm sun. We decided to take a longer route home. We headed away from the lake and Frauke, Emily, and I went for a little side excursion up a peak. This ended in Emily and I frantically dashing to the summit to grab the coveted first-to-the-summit prize.

It wasn’t long before the rain returned and it got very misty. We followed little tracks along the sides of the mountains trying to avoid the hundreds of little lizards that hadn’t bargained for rain. We attempted to find a little track down the valley but eventually gave up and took a longer route back.

Schrecksee (Tramping Schrecksee, Germany) resize Waiting (Tramping Schrecksee, Germany) resize

Above left: The Schrecksee looking very nice before the rain came. Above right: Emily and Frauke wait at the end of the tramp.

Below: Emily initiated a desperate sprint to the summit while my back was turned. That tricksy Emily…

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