Vogesen “Mountains”

After spending the night at my new flat in Freiburg, Frauke and I drove across the border to France and spent a night in the Vogesen mountains (hills). We went climbing at a crag named Gueberschwihr which was quite fun. We haven’t done a lot of climbing recently and have no finger strength. I lead a few climbs around the 5a, 5b mark and then we had had enough.

Cris climbing 2 (Gueberschwihr, Vogesen Mountains, France) resize Frauke goes looking for bouldering (Gueberschwihr, Vogesen Mountains, France) resize

Above left: Me climbing at the Guerberschwihr crag with Frauke belaying below. Above right: There was a boulder area a wee walk from the climbing crag.

We camped in a little town in the evening. There was a wine festival there and at about 2am a lot of drunk French guys came out and started making lots of noise. Two of them came over to our tent. One poured a glass of beer over it and the other peed on the side of it. The French are so terribly charming.

The next day we went cycling for a few hours in the hills. It was ok but we were both still feeling a little unwell from our lingering colds and various ailments. We checked out Martinswand, another rock climbing crag in the afternoon but it was only 6 degrees and a nasty wind made it feel much colder. It was beginning to rain so we left without doing any climbing and headed back to Germany.

Cycling up Col du Firstplan (Vogesen Mountains, France) resize View from could climbing crag back towards Germany (Vogesen Mountains, France) resize

Above left: Frauke and I cycling up Col du Firstplan. Above right: It was rather cold and wintery at the Martinswand crag so we headed back to Freiburg.


As the weather is still un-customarily warm and friendly Frauke and I went for a mission up Widderstein in nearby Austria. Der Großer Widderstein is a 2533 m that can be reached from Kleinwalsertal (a valley just across the border from Oberstdorf). It’s got a good traditional looking summit i.e. you know when you’re at the top. The round trip with a good break for lunch took about 6.5 hours.

Following our sunny walk we ate a tub of ice-cream as has become a tradition.

Frauke climbing Widderstein (Austria) resize View from Widderstein (Austria) resize Frauke nears the naked man (Widderstein, Austria) resize

Above left: Frauke climbing Widderstein. Above middle: View from the top of Widderstein. Above right: There were a disturbing number of naked men on the walk. Frauke nears one of them in this photo.

Below: Map of route.

Widderstein Tramp – web