A new home in Freiburg

I was in Freiburg this week looking for a flat. I start working there at the start of September. After a couple of days of searching I settled on a flat fairly near to work. The size/price ratio is quite good (for Freiburg) and my flat mates seem friendly enough.

I caught up with Oli while I was there. We cooked together on Tuesday night and yesterday evening we went out to an archery range and broke arrows together. It was quite fun.

View from Oli's flat (Freiburg, Germany) resize Cris shoots (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above left: View from Oli’s flat in the evening. Above right: Me trying to shoot straight. I somehow managed to break an arrow by shooting a tiny little bit of metal near the target. Ooops.

Above: Oli the crack-shot shoots.

Following this we headed into town and ate at Julian and Jana’s favorite little kebab shack. Yum, yum. I confessed to Oli that it was in fact my second visit to the place that day. We finished our meal with a beer in a beer garden near by.

I’m currently on the train heading back through cloudy and rainy Germany to Oberstdorf.

Yum yum (Freiburg, Germany) resize So much food (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above: Mmmm Vegetarian Jafka. Delicious. Two a day keeps the doctor away.

Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Stuttgart, Germany) resize

Above: I just passed through Stuttgart. It’s looking suitably grey and industrial at the train station. I kind of like the floating chairs…

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