Day 10 – Storgalten

I am currently lying in a tent near the Tromsø airport. I found a little hovel to grovel in for the night before I get up for my flight at 6 am tomorrow.

Cris and tent 3 (Tromsø, Norway) resize

Above: Cris in his grovel hovel at Tromsø airport.

Today was my last tour in the Lyngen Alps. I headed out with our Swiss/German neighbours and did a tour up Storgalten (1219 m) with them. It was really nice and warm and we had sweeping views over the fiords and the snow covered mountains all around. It seemed to be a tourist peak, perhaps because it was an easy 1210 m ascent. The peak was crowded with people trampling around all over the summit despite it appearing to be very corniced at the edge. After 15 mins or so Chris and Emily skinned up with Aly, Hallvard, and Tim following. We said goodbye before I skied quickly down with the Europeans to catch our ferry and head back to Tromsø. Emily texted me later to tell me I had missed out on some nude skiing down from the summit… It was probably warm enough.

Cris on the summit 2 (Storgalten, Norway) resize Cris and Martin on the summit (Storgalten, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris at the summit of Storgalten (1219 m). Above right: Cris and Martin at the summit of Storgalten. Martin was one of the Swiss ‘neighbours’ next to our lodge in the Lyngen Alps.

Chris and Em skin up 2 (Storgalten, Norway) resize Cris, Em, Chris at the summit 2 (Storgalten, Norway) resize

Above left: Em and Chris skin up to the summit of Storgalten. Above right: Cris, Em, and Chris on the summit of Storgalten.

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