Norway 2016 – Day 14

We hurried off to the bakery in the morning only to find that we had been foiled again. The fruit and nut bread would not be ready until after lunch. Oh dear. We went to the tourist information and re-planned the rest of our holiday around the bread. As you do.

We went for a walk for a couple of hours in the hills above Lom while the bakery baked. The weather was perfect, nice and warm, and not a cloud. The views of the surrounding hills were very nice.

We headed back to the bakery at 2 pm only to be told that the bread was now too warm to be sold. We gave up and bought an olive bread instead. As we were leaving I went in to reserve a loaf of fruit bread for tomorrow, but was surprised to find that they were now selling it. Norway mission accomplished!

We packed the bread and started riding up the valley in the sunshine on a quiet side road. We then turned onto the b55 and later headed up towards Spiterstulen. The plan was to spend the night there and do some walking the next day.

The road after leaving the b55 if gravel and ascends to about 1000 m. We took a break along the way and some nosey calves came to check us out. They took an unhealthy liking to our fruit bread and Leonie had to sacrifice some of our walnut bread to be able to lead them away while I frantically repacked.

We fluffed around looking for a camp site at the road end. There were a million other tourists and a little village of tents. We found a spot further down the river and cooked a curry and drank hot chocolate. Important things.

Lom bakery (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Leonie looking in the door (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: After failing a second time to get Lom fruit and nut bread we settled for walnut. Above right: We went for a walk into the hills while the bakery was baking our fruit and nut bread.

Leonie sitting (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)A little hut (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: The views into the valley were nice. Above right: We hid our bikes around the back of this little shack before we went walking.

Taking a break (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Attack of the calves (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: We took a break. Above right: Disaster! Three nosey calves tried to make off with our Lom fruit and nut bread and also showed unhealthy interest in my shoes and inner soles.


Leonie riding (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Leonie and her bike (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Leonie and the rudolphs (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: The road up to Spiterstulen was 18 km long and gravel but quite nice to ride. Above middle: It took us a while to cycle up to Spiterstulen and we arrived in the evening. Above right: There were a bunch of Rudolphs down by the river.

Deciding where to camp (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Reflections (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: We spent quite some time fluffing around trying to find a place to camp. Above right: This is the view into the Jotunheimen National Park from Spiterstulen.

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