Känzele via Ferrata

Johannes, Daniele, Katerina and I snuck off to Bregenz after work to try out the new Känzele via Ferrata that was opened in August 2016 by the Austrian Alpine Club (Alpenverein Vorarlberg). The route is mostly graded C/D with an option to take an easier B/C section in the middle. Of course if you opt for this route you still have the C/D at the top. It’s all new (2016) so the safety ropes, steps etc. are in top condition. The climb only takes about 20 minutes so it’s perfect for after work if you live somewhere nearby.

Känzele Klettersteig Topo

Above: The topo. courtesy of not me…

Johannes on the via ferrata (Känzele Klettersteig)Taking a break at the bench (Känzele Klettersteig)The last section (Känzele Klettersteig)

Above left: We headed to Bregenz after work and did the Känzele Klettersteig. Above middle: It’s quite civilised and includes a park bench half way up. Above right: It ends with a C/D section. Katerina and Daniele, the via feratta experts, stormed up to the top.

Johannes on the last section (Känzele Klettersteig)

Above: Johannes loved it. Especially the last section!


Leonie, Timo, and I went for a wander up Hundstein (2157 m) near Säntis in the Alpstein massif.

This is what it looked like…

More walking (Hundstein Sept 2016)Leonie beside a lake (Hundstein Sept 2016)View down towards the lake (Hundstein Sept 2016)

Above left: We went for a walk with Timo around the Säntis area (Alpstein Massif) in Switzerland. Above middle: There were lakes and whatnot. Above right: We ended up heading up to Hundstein.

Another nice view (Hundstein Sept 2016)Leonie walk walk (Hundstein Sept 2016)Timo walk walk (Hundstein Sept 2016)

Above left: The views were nice. Above middle: Although scrambly in one part it was quite do-able. We ascended from the Fälensee which is easier than the route up from Widderalp saddle. Above right: Slog, slog, slog.

Taking a rest at the summit (Hundstein Sept 2016)

Above: Proof that we made it to the top.

It took about 8.5 hours from car-to-car with a stop at a hut for a drink.

Hundstein walk September 2016

Above: Here’s a map showing our route.