Riding in the autumn sun

Jakob was keen to go for a ride on his new (old) carbon/titanium road bike so him, Sebastian, and I went for a little roadie mission up to the “Vulture’s Nest”. It’s good to see that Jakob already has the nasty-roadie spirit and was eager to sprint to all of the town-signs. My legs were a little flat from the weekend still but seemed to behave themselves fairly well. The weather was awesome; a deliciously warm autumn evening. Unusually I didn’t have my camera with me so can only post some pretty graphs instead.

Ride to Vultures Nest with Jakob and Sebastian_web_reduced[map_type=G_HYBRID_TYPE;gpxspeedchart=show]
The ‘vultures nest’ with Jakob and Sebastian Time: 01:36:42 Dst: 36.78km Avg: 22.82 km/h Max: 76.02 km/h Avg cad: 64

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