Flooding in Ligar Bay

So… it’s getting a little wet here. That’s a bit of an understatement. As I want to publish this quickly I’ll just add pictures with a few comments and videos.

Flooding road (Ligar Bay) resize The boat gets swept away (Ligary Bay) resize

Above left: View from the Bach in Ligar Bay. Murky flood water is flowing across the road from the overflowing culvert. Above right: Debris flows came down from a partially deforested hillside washing the boat seen in this picture down the hill with it. A previous debris flow had hit a bach down the road moving it off it’s foundations.

Debris flow (Ligar Bay) resize House and mud (Ligar Bay) resize

Above left: Debris flow. Above right: Debris flow next to house.

Better descriptions of the videos in live feed below.

Above: A few moments after the debris flow.

Above: Looking out for the red car.

Above: Moving to safer ground.




Rainy kayaking

We drove up to Golden Bay yesterday.

Today, Gina, Holly, and I went for some rainy kayaking around the Tata Islands. I suppose that’s what they’re called. The islands off the shore from Tata beach at any rate…

Holly in kayak (Golden Bay) resize

Above: Holly sits in the front of our double kayak-dub. Tata beach is around the corner in front of us. We are rafted up against Gina’s plastic blue tub.

Above: Finding a jelly fish.