Due to my major flight stuff up I ended up spending an extra day in NZ and then flying through Melbourne. The ordeal cost me $1000 NZD. Quite reasonable you might not think.

I made use of the 15 hours I had in Melbourne and went and visited Karen in St Kilda. We spent the day lazing at the beach in the 36 degree heat.

At St Kilda beach (Melbourne) resize

Above: Lazing at St Kilda beach. The weather was forecast at a toasty 36 degrees.

In St Kilda (Melbourne) resize

Above: In St Kilda, Melbourne.

Leaving Desserts

As I was supposed to be leaving tomorrow I had a bit of a catch up with some friends who weren’t already away on holiday somewhere. There were copious amounts of yummy sugary things.

Yummy food (Desserts at 423) Friends (Desserts at 423)

Above left: A table full of sugary goodness. Above right: Hanging out with the kiwis.

Of course, seeing has I can’t read it wasn’t actually my last night and instead I spent another day in NZ, paying a mere $1000 for the privilege. Ughh.

Cave Stream

Katie and I went through Cave Stream on our way back from Kennedy Lodge. A little mission through Cave Stream is always nice. It takes about 30 minutes to do.

At the entrance 1 (Cave Stream) resize Katie inside (Cave Stream) resize

Above left: The walk from the carpark down to the cave entrance takes about 5 minutes . Above right: Katie in Cave Stream.

Cris 3 (Cave Stream) resize Cris at the exit (Cave Stream) resize

Above left: Although a brighter light might be better it’s still enough to walk enter the cave with a little light like this one attached to my head. Above right: At the exit.

Katie in the deep water (Cave Stream) resize

Above: There was a deep pool near the entrance to the cave.