Day 2 – Imst to Stara Fuzina, Slovenia

We left Imst and continued driving consuming delicious RJ’s licquorice that I had found in London as we went. We drove through periods of rain, then sun, then rain again. Our lunch break happily coincided with some sun and we hung the tent out to dry next to us as we ate on a little bench on a hill above the main road. More driving, driving, driving, more rain, but after a long tunnel we were greeted with sun that looked like it was there to stay. We finally neared the Ossiacher See in Austria (where the race starts in a few days time) and continued on across the border into Slovenia. Unfortunately after some time the sun vanished and it was back to clouds. We took a few snaps at the lake in Bled and then drove on up to Ribcev Laz. We found ourselves an apartment for the night in nearby Stara Fuzina and hid away from the weather.

Kiss kiss (Slovenia 2013)Leonie grinning at Lake Bled (Slovenia 2013)View towards castle above Lake Bled (Slovenia 2013)Cris cooking or at least pretending to (Slovenia)

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