Tour de Kärnten 2013 Stage 4 – 80 km road race

The day dawned with dubious looking weather. I went for my full lycra suit including feet warmers in preparation for a rainy ride. It was still dry when we left but not long into the ride it got a little damp. The first 8 km were neutralised, this time at a much more sensible pace.

The starting gun went off on a hill and the pace lifted immediately. I spent the next 20 minutes passing people and chasing with others. I ended up in a chase group behind a bigger bunch which we almost caught at the top of the major climb. Almost wasn’t quite enough though and I ended up riding with just two others for the majority of the rest of the ride after we descended slowly, first in mist, and then on the wet road to the valley.

My legs gave out on the final climb and I was passed by a good number of people. Nice stage despite the weather.


Nearing the final ascent on Stage 4 (Tour de Kärnten)

Above: I rode for some time with the ‘red team’ after descending with them from the misty summit of the previous climb.

Tour de Kärnten Stage 4 – Time: 02:41:03.8 (official) 03:00:01 (neutralised) Dst: 78.0 km Avg: 26.0km/h Max: 71.3km/h Ascent: 1889 m Place: 46 (overall men) 21 (open men)

Above: Strava was watching again.

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