Dolomites Day 3

It was cold but sunny again. We headed up to passo Sella (2240 m). The ride up was spectacular as we were right under huge snow covered cliffs. We descended to a junction and I opted for an easier route while Thomas and Marco headed off to flog themselves on some nastier climbs. Instead I rode up to passo Gardena and sat in the sun for a bit and munched on a sandwhich. Then it was back down to the junction, back up to passo Sella (still 2240 m), and back down to Canazei. Yes legs, time for a rest.

Climbing up to passo Sella (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: The ride up to passo Sella was spectacular. Awesome high rocky snow-covered cliffs above the road. Above right: Time for another pass photo at passo Sella.

Above left: I headed off to passo Gardena to save my legs. Above right: Made it to passo Gardena.

Above left: It really was rather snowy in places. Above middle: Another quick photo at passo Sella on the way back. Above right: Flags and snow (Cycling Dolomites)

Dolomites Day 3 – Time: 02:50:07 Dst: 48.0 km Avg: 16.9 km/h Max: 61.9 km/h Ascent: 1518m

Above: What Strava says about the ride… I should really embed the actual GPX file here instead but for the moment I’m too lazy.

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