Dolomites Day 2

Day 2 dawned with more sun but it was still really rather cold. Despite this we jumped on the bikes and cruised up to passo Pordoi (2239 m). Then a blat down the other side and up to passo Falzarego (2105 m). Both climbs had been fairly nice on the legs with around 5% on the steep-o-meter. At this point though I decided to bail and let Thomas and Marco crank off down the hill in search of a third steeper pass. I rode back down into the valley and headed up passo Fedaia (2054 m) like yesterday but from the other much steeper side. Marmots serenaded me on the way up.

Marco spent the evening making pained sounds each time he stood up.

Cris cruising up to passo Pordoi (Cycling Dolomites)Thomas and Marco cruising up to passo Pordoi (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: Posy cycling photos had to be taken on the way up to passo Pordoi. Above right: We all joined in in the posy riding.

A marmot watches (Cycling Dolomites)At passo Pordoi (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: A family of marmots watched us as we neared the pass. I stopped to take a photo but they all scurried off into this little hut. Here daddy marmot keeps a close eye on me. Above right: We reached passo Pordoi in the sun. Thomas threw a snowball or two.

Marco and Thomas at passo Falzarego (Cycling Dolomites)Cris at passo Falzarego (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: Taking a break at passo Falzarego. Above right: The others hooned off for some more pass goodness and I zoomed back down the way we’d come and then to the valley where I climbed passo Fedaia from the other side and dropped back down to the holiday house.

A marmot (Cycling Dolomites)At passo Fedaia again (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: There were plenty of marmots on the way up to passo Fedaia. Above right: My legs were fairly trashed as I reached passo Fedaia. It’s somewhat steeper from this side.

Dolomites Day 2 – Time: 04:50:55 Dst: 89.7 km Avg: 18.5km/h Max: 61.9km/h Ascent: 2621 m

Above: Strava has something to say on the matter.

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