Ebringen Criterium

Today I rode a criterium in Ebringen, just out of Freiburg. The Ebringen Criterium is a 1.7 km long lapped course through Ebringen. In my punters class we rode 8 laps. Not very much you might say. It wasn’t but that suited me fine. About eight of us rode most of the race in a bunch. A few dropped off on the last laps including me on the second to last lap. I ended up coming 6th about 30 seconds behind first place.

At the start line (Ebringen, Germany) resize

Above: The Ebringen Criterium “Hobby Class” line up at the start line. Spot the mountain bike wheel…

Ebringen Criterium (8 x 1.7 km with 50 m climb per lap) – Time: 00:25:46 Dst: 15.3 km Avg: 35.64 km/h Max: 60.22 km/h Avg Cad: 85


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