Corsica 2014 – Day 2

We left our camp site in the morning and drove South heading into the hills where we thought it would be cooler. It wasn’t. It was extremely hot, dry and barren. We found a camp site as far up as we could and went for a walk in the early evening. There were some cool rock formations and things to amuse us. However, in the evening we decided that we’d rather risk the weather in Slovenia and booked a ferry for the fourth day back to Italy.

Picnic at the camp site (Corsica)Nosey (Corsica)

Above left: We found a camping ground as high as we could at around 1900 m. Unfortunately it was still really hot. Fed up with the place we booked a ferry back to Italy in the evening. Above right: However, before doing this we had a bit of fun in the hills.

Mr Lizard (Corsica)Cris jumping (Corsica)

Above left: The island was full of these little guys. Above right: We went for a walk in the hills and found some rocks to amuse ourselves on.

Going for a walk (Corsica)Leonie and a rock (Corsica)

Above left: Leonie in walking mode. It was a little cooler by this time. Above right: We found more rocks for posing.

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