Summer Holiday 2015 – Day 3 – "via feratta"

We left Canazei in the morning and drove to Trento. The plan was to do a via feratta in the hills but it turned out that I was too spastic to read the map correctly and I lead us on a long walk around the back of the via feratta arriving after 500 m of climbing at the top. So, to avoid too much disappointment we decided to descend instead of climbing the route. It turned out there were just a couple of ladders anyway and otherwise it was a ramble so we didn’t miss a whole lot.

In the evening we drove along the side of the hill to the Rifugio Maranza where we talked to the warden. To our surprise they gave us a tip about where to stay for free. Instead of walking up the hill to the Biv. Marzola Raffaele Bailoni that was apparently full, they suggested walking a shorter distance to a building where they said we would be able to stay the night. We weren’t sure what to expect but packed our gear for an over-nighter and headed off.

It turned out the building was some sort of lodge, perhaps for school camps or something similar. It was closed up except for the winter room. We sneakily pitched our tent on the grass behind the hut and tucked into some rice and cheese.


Map - Klettersteig and camping near Trento

Above: The “via feratta”route in red, and where we stayed the night marked with a circle.

Setting off for the klettersteigView out towards Trento (Summer holiday 2015)A ladder (Summer holiday 2015)

Above left: We set off in search of the via feratta route. Above middle: Ooops I lead us around the back to the top of the route. Above right: Still we made the most of it and climbed down the couple of ladders.

Cris and harness (Summer holiday 2015)Finished (Summer holiday 2015)

Above left: Then it turned into nothing more than a walk down to the bottom. Above right: Note to self. Learn how to read a map properly.

Cris and Leonie in the forest (Summer holiday 2015)Bivacco Malga Nova (Dolomites, Italy)

Above left: We headed off to Malga Nova for the night. Above right: Leonie checks if anybody is at home. We were alone and had access to the winter room.

Naughty tenting (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: We pitched our tent out on the grass behind the hut.

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