Summer Holiday – Day 9 – Tramping

We packed in the morning and headed into the Triglav National Park. Our packs were rather heavy and I sweated and complained a lot. Suddenly the horrible cheap sweets Leonie was carrying tasted delicious.

We ascended above the bush line to a mountain hut (Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih) at about 2200 m and had dinner outside in the sun. We cooked our favourite meal, rice and cheese! We even added zucchini and onion… A couple of Italians had warned us about the food at the hut so perhaps it was good that we had lugged up so much food with us.

Ooh, and the weather was very good and we saw marmots. We looked at the map and schemed in the evening.

Setting off (Summer Holidays 2015)Going to collect water (Summer Holidays 2015)Marmot time (Summer Holidays 2015)

Above left: We headed off into Triglav National Park from Camp Triglav. Above middle: We spent the night at Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih mountain hut. There was a spring near the hut where we collected fresh water. Above right: The local wildlife came out to say hello.

Summer Holiday 2015 – Day 7 – Cycling in Slovenia

It was a perfect summer’s day. Not too hot but still sunny and a deep blue sky. We headed off from our camp site on road bikes towards Trenta. After gathering a bit of info about the park for our upcoming cunning plan we cycled up to Vršič, a pass of many switch-backs. The explorers Cris and Gina first discovered the pass in 2006. After ascending the 1200-ish m to the pass we dropped down to Kranjska Gora where we gorged ourselves on many nice things caught from the local supermarket.

We then headed towards Italy along a well-kept cycle way, part of the Adria-Trail. From Tarvisio in Italy we headed up to Passo di Predil and then had a nice descent down to Bovec. The descent was much more pleasant than the first descent, which was made difficult by the cobble stones on each corner. The carbon forks didn’t help a lot to reduce the jolting.

At Vrsic pass (Summer holiday 2015)Passo Predil 4 (Summer holiday 2015)

Above left: We did a loop over a pass and then into Italy and back over another pass into Slovenia. It was a nice day for it and much warmer than our previous ride. Above right: After riding through a patch of Italy we ascended back to the Slovenian border and crossed over at Passo Predil.

Small village in the mountains (Summer holiday 2015)Down at the Soča (Summer Holiday 2015)

Above left: Then we had a delicious descent back to Bovec. Above right:In the evening we went and checked out the Soca.

Down at the Soča (Summer Holiday 2015)

Above: Which is quite pretty.

Summer Holiday 2015 – Day 6 – Lazy ride

We got up late after the late arrival last night and got ourselves sorted for a road ride. We cruised down the valley in the sun next to the Soča stopping in Bovec for lunch. Then onwards down the valley until I got lazy and we turned around and rode back to camp.

I caught up with Frank and Nadia in the evening who just happened to be camping at the same place.

Riding in Slovenia (Summer holiday 2015)Catching up with Frank and Nadia (Summer holiday 2015)

Above left: We went for a lazy cruise down the valley. Above right: I caught up with Frank and Nadia in the evening who just happened to be camping at the same camp site.

Summer Holiday 2015 –Day 5 – Walking in the dolomites

We woke to sunshine so we packed up and drove into the national park. We went for a walk up a side valley and looped around back to the car. The walk took a number of hours which were filled in mostly by walking but also by standing directly on a curled up snake which went hisssssssssss as I stood on it and then hisss hissss hissss afterwards.

I did a quick climb on a cliff next to the road that we had spotted on the way in. Then it was off to Slovenia. We arrived late at our camp site on the Soča river.

Unhappy Mr Snake 3 (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: As we set off for our walk in the Dolomites I was very careful to step right in the middle of this curled up snake. It got quite a fright and slithered off and hissed at me from a distance. Poor thing.

Walking up the valley (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: It was a nice walk. The colours probably weren’t quite this vivid though to be honest.

Looking down (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: I did one climb after our walk before we drove the remaining distance to Slovenia in the evening arriving late at night.

Summer Holiday 2015 – Day 4 – Climbing in Trento

We woke to rain on our tent. We prepared breakfast in the winter room and Leonie worked her magic on the wood fired stove. Soon we had warmth. We collected water from the roof and boiled it on the stove and it was enough to cook breakfast.

We packed and got ready to leave but the rain got heavier so we decided we may as well wash and we warmed more water for it.

Eventually we did leave and we headed down into Trento where the sun began to shine and it was a good summer-feeling temperature. We geeked out for a bit with thick Italian hot chocolate after wandering around being tourists.

We then drove off in search of some climbing. Our map failed us again and the road to the Refugio turned out to be a track. This wasn’t a problem though as our legs aren’t painted on.

After about half an hour walking with a short picnic in the middle we came across a nice little crag. The climbs were maybe 15 metres high at most. Instead of just one face there was a small maze of rocks with routes on them. We also had a nice view down to Trento. We got two climbs in before a storm came in and forced us to hide under an overhanging rock.

We headed back to the car after it cleared and drove North East to the dolomites where we called it a night.

Leonie cranking the fire (Summer Holiday 2015)Snooping around Trento (Summer Holiday 2015)Leonie climbing (Summer holiday 2015)

Above left: It rained the next day so we huddled in the winter room boiling cups of tea on the wood fired stove that Leonie cranked up. We boiled enough water to wash outside in the rain and then clean ourselves with a hot flannel. Above middle: We had a poke around Trento once the sun came out. Above right: We found a nice wee crag near Trento with some quite doable climbs. We did a couple of climbs and then spent quite some time hiding under an overhang avoiding torrential rain that turned up. Eventually it cleared and the sun came out again and it was warm as if nothing had happened.

Leonie belaying (Summer holiday 2015)Bad weather coming (Summer Holiday 2015)

Above left: Leonie does some belaying. Above right: Bad weather on the way.

Hiding (Summer Holiday 2015)

Above: Hiding under a rock from the rain.