Summer Holiday – Day 13 – Back to Trenta

Day 12 of our summer holiday. We left “Bivac IV” early in the morning in delicious sunshine and climbed up towards the mountain Kriz where I had dropped my camera. We left our packs at the track junction and climbed up to the summit and admired the view. Enough blue sky for all and very warm at 2400 m.

We headed down to the hut above the valley containing the Soča River. We stopped for apple pie and a nice cool drink. Then we continued down in the heat until we were in the valley. We stopped by a river near a waterfall and went swimming in some rock pools. Mmmm summer feeling.

Then it was back to the camp site and off to Bovec where we bought piles of fresh fruit and bits and pieces for dinner.

Leonie and rocks (Summer Holidays 2015)Cris and Leonie (Slovenia 2015)Careful now (Summer Holidays 2015)Leonie turns (Summer Holidays 2015)View down to Trenta (Summer Holidays 2015)Walking down (Summer Holidays 2015)Leonie at the river (Summer Holidays 2015)

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