Via ferrata routes in Gargellen

Leonie and I drove to Gargellen in Austria and did two nice via ferrata routes. The first went up the Röbi ravine just above the river. There were plenty of nice sections near the water and fun crossings. We had lunch at the Ronggalpe after completing the via ferrata in a bit under an hour.

We headed back down again and went up the Rongg Waterfall via ferrata. This one went up another ravine but climbed further away from the water with nice views down into the ravine. I had my rope with me and belayed Leonie on some of the “spooky” bits. Very nice.

After reaching the top we scrambled back down through the forest. The mist had started to come in so we scrapped out plans to go climbing nearby and instead cooked up a hot chocolate, abandoned our camping plans and drove back to Lindau.

Cris and Leonie (Klettersteigs in Gargellen)Concentrating (Klettersteigs in Gargellen)Crossing the river

Above left: On Saturday we headed over to Gargellen in Austria and did two short via ferrata routes there. Above middle: The first went up the Röbischlucht and wandered along above the river. It was fun climbing near the water and crossing back and fourth over the river. The route was quite short (under an hour) and not difficult. Above right: The second route started near the first and went up the Rongg Waterfall. This one was was also nice. It climbed further away form the river than the first with plenty of sections with ladders. It started with a  rope crossing over the river.

Heading up (Klettersteigs in Gargellen)

Above: The Rongg Waterfall via ferrata was also very short and not particularly difficult but well worth doing.

Above: I did a bit of belaying on the “spooky” bits. The Ronng Waterfall route leads out of the ravine near the top with a great view back down to the waterfall.

Here’s a topo-map of the routes.


Craig visits

Craig came to visit for a few days.

On Saturday Leonie drove us out to Liechtenstein and we walked into the mountains, over the Three Sisters and back into Austria to Feldkirch where we took the train back to Lindau.

On Sunday morning it rained. We headed to Allageu around lunch time and by the time we arrived it was sunny. We went for a walk in the hills in the afternoon and then drove to Tannheim in Austria and camped the night there.

On Monday we did the Salewa Klettersteig again. We met Leonie at the top as we were a little pushed for time. The weather cleared on the summit and we had blue skies again.

On the way up we did some dog rescuing just before the crux of the climb. I swapped backpacks with a girl who was carrying her dog up to the summit with her so that she had less weight to carry.


Fürstensteig (Liechtenstein)So much view (The Three Sisters, Liechtenstein)

Above left: Craig and I got a lift out to Liechtenstein with Leonie and walked up into the mountains. We headed over a bunch of peaks to the Three Sisters and then down into Austria. We caught the train home from Feldkirch. Above right: The weather was pretty good.

Sun shining through the rock (The Three Sisters, Liechtenstein)Craig does some bouldering (The Three Sisters, Liechtenstein)

Above left: The rock formations were nice. Above right: Craig found some rock climbing to do.

At the top of somewhere (Allgäu)

Above: On Saturday we drove to Allgäu and went walking from Bad Hindelang into the hills above Oberjoch. The sun had come out after a rainy start to the day and it was quite nice.

Craig climbing (Salewa Klettersteig)Cris and dog (Salewa Klettersteig)At the top (Salewa Klettersteig)

Above left: Above middle: We did some rescuing on the way up. I swapped backpacks with a girl on the crux and carried her dog to the top.Above right: The weather cleared for us at the summit. Unfortunately I had forgot my camera so had to stick my phone.