Tramping Lake Sylvester

Katie and I went for an overnight trip to Sylvester Hut above the Cobb Reservoir in Kahurangi National Park. We left fairly late but this wasn’t a problem as the walk in only took about 1.5 hours and was along a very well formed four wheel drive track. No West Coast bush bashing here.

We shared the hut with a Kiwi couple, a Canadian couple, and later a German guy, and British guy. The wind howled around the hut the whole time we were there and it was much colder than I expected outside.

The next day we walked up to Lake Sylvester, which is a short 10 minute walk from the hut. From there we headed out over the tussock land a little then bashed back down through the bush to the Cobb. The bush was reasonably open and it wasn’t particularly difficult to push through it. It was quite pleasant in the bush as we were sheltered from the wind.

Once back at the car we headed back to Takaka and then onwards for chips and sandwiches at Ligar Bay followed by some climbing at the sea cliffs, and then in the evening swimming at Wainui Inlet and a walk along the beach towards Taupo Point. A very nice day.

About to start (Lake Sylvester Tramp)A nice wide track (Lake Sylvester Tramp)

Above left: Katie and I drove up to the Cobb for a short walk into Lake Sylvester. Above right: The walk in is along a four wheel drive track and is therefore very easy. It winds its way up through beach forest and continues above the bush line to the hut.

On the way (Lake Sylvester Tramp)A weka (Lake Sylvester Tramp)

Above left: More easy four wheel drive track. Above right: We were approached by a curious weka on the way up.


At the hut (Lake Sylvester Tramp)Sunset (Lake Sylvester Tramp)

Above left: We arrived at the hut in a very strong cold wind. Sylvester hut sleeps 12 people and is situated not far above the bush line next to the four wheel drive track. Above right: The view from the hut is over the surrounding tussocks and bush and the hills on the other side of the Cobb.

Lake Sylvester (Lake Sylvester Tramp)Bashing down (Lake Sylvester Tramp)

Above left: We walked up to Lake Sylvester after staying the night at the hut. The wind was so strong that it was blowing spray off the water. Above right: Rather than head back the way we came we headed over the tussocks towards the Cobb and bush bashed back down into the valley. The bush was quite open and it wasn’t difficult to descend.

Climbing at the sea cliffs with KatieKatie walking towards Taupo Point

Above left: We had lunch at Ligar Bay and then climbed at the sea cliffs for a while. Above right: We went swimming at Wainui and for a walk along the beach in the evening.

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