Ski touring near Wösterspitze Jan 2016

I headed back up to Lech on Saturday morning and Leonie and I set off on another ski tour. We started off as we had like last weekend moving up our ski tracks towards the cross near the Wöstersattel. Then we headed South under the ridge from the North to South Wösterspitze coming up to a steep ridge that leads down from the South peak. We strapped our skis to our packs at this point and walked around towards flatter slopes. We toured the last section up to a flat point which we called our summit for the day.

I had hoped to head up to the South Wösterpitze but the wind was high, it was going grey, getting later in the day, and last but not least the slope looked quite steep from where we were. It would probably have been fine around directly to the South though.

Instead we were happy to head back. We skied a short steep powdery slope which was nice and then that was about the end of the nice skiing. A few more sections with powder and then thick heavy snow, or breakable crust. Yuck. We managed to get a bit bluffed out for a bit before finding a steep descent which would have been fine if it were powder. Seeing as we’re both not fantastic skiers and the conditions weren’t very nice we strapped the skis to our backs and walked down.

I was glad to get off the skis and off the steep slope and into the valley. We skied back to Lech and cooked up a curry feast for dinner.

Ascending (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)_DSC8992

Above left: We set off from Lech and headed up towards Wösterspitze. Last week’s powder was mostly gone and instead we had a mix of breakable crust and firm snow until we reached the cross on the saddle. From there the snow improved. Above right: Panorama.

Crossing a slope 3 (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)View 4 (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)

Above left: Without a very firm plan we headed towards Wösterspitze. It all took a bit longer than I thought. Here we are traversing across a snowy slope with Lech in the background. Above right: It was quite steep down to the right here but the snow was powdery and we had a good trail in front of us that had been formed by all those who had headed this way over the last few days.

Us (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)Leonie carrying skis (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)Nearing our summit (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)

Above left: Yes, it’s us. Above middle: We carried our skis around a rocky ridge for a bit. Above right: Eventually we headed up to a flat spot which we called our summit for the day. The South Wösterspitze is in the background but as it was extremely windy, the ascent looked steep, and it was getting later in the day we decided to turn around.

Skiing down 3 (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)Walking down (Ski touring near Wösterspitze)

Above left: We looked for a nice spot to descend into the valley back towards Lech but just found bluffs to begin with. Above middle: Then once we found a spot to descend our skiing skills weren’t up to descending in the snow we had. It was fairly steep and the snow had a horrible breakable crust that ate our skis and made turning very difficult.

A weekend in Lech

I took the train into Austria on Friday afternoon to meet Leonie in Lech.

In Saturday we headed out for a ski tour despite the rubbish weather. We did the same tour as we had done last March with Wili, however this time we didn’t make it to the top of woerstlerhorn.

There was deep powder and nobody had been up before us so we had to make tracks in the snow. It was also very little visibility and at times we were in a complete whiteout.

Once reaching the saddle we decided to turn around as we couldn’t see a thing. As we were removing the skins from our skis magically it rapidly cleared and we descended in delicious sunshine.

It was so good that near the bottom we decided to put our skins back on and we headed back up a little until it threatened to cloud in again. We descended again and headed back down to Lech.

On Sunday I took the ortsbus to zug which was free, which I liked. Then I headed out and up to Zuger Horn. It was quite a nice ascent to begin with until I decided I needed to make my own track and then I flailed around on some steepish slopes trying to clamber over snowy bushes.

After freeing myself I continued up somebody’s decent track until I found myself on the summit. I also noticed another ascent track arriving from the other direction. Oops.

After visiting another on the way peak quickly I descended back into the valley and skated down the cross country skiing trail back to lech.