Norway 2016 – Day 5

As we were a bit pushed for time and weren’t sure whether the road North would be enjoyable to ride we decided to cheat and catch the train up to Åndalsnes.

We loaded our bikes onto the waiting train at midday and started heading North. We excitedly pointed out patches of blue sky, and then as the scenery got more interesting waterfalls and mountains. The train ride was nice which made me wonder whether we should have ridden the road after all. The views of Trollvegen were particularly good. This is the well known base jumping cliff and Europe’s highest vertical wall.

On arriving in Åndalsnes we were treated to real sunshine and blue sky and warm temperatures. Oooo.

We went and found a spot to free camp outside of town and then went cycling back up the valley to look at the Trollvegen again.

Fiord-time (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Cris at the sea (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Riding (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: After a bit of cheating with the train we arrived at the fiords in Åndalsnes. Above middle: Posing in Åndalsnes. Above right: We went for a ride in the evening.

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