Tramping Hawdon Hut 2021

Katie, Jeremy, and I went for a walk into Hawdon Hut for the evening. The theme of the trip was coldness. The walk in was ok as long as you kept moving and we did get patches of sunshine. We lit the fire in the hut but struggled to get it to produce much heat. It was sulking. The wood was too wet. We played Katie’s monopoly card game in the evening and ate many marshmallows. This was all well and good. It cleared in the night and I was tempted to take photos of the stars and snow on the mountains visible from the hut. Laziness got the better of me though and I went back to sleep instead.

Jeremy and I went for a scamper up towards Walker Pass the following day. Little bits of snow were falling as we left the hut. We retreated before we got to the pass. It took three hours to walk out and we drove back to Christchurch stopping at the Sheffield Pie Shop for our second round of pies on this trip.

Katie crossing a river (Tramping Hawdon Hut Sept 2021)Us in the hut (Tramping Hawdon Hut Sept 2021)

Above left: We walked into Hawdon Hut fuelled by Sheffield pies. Above right: We had the hut to ourselves. It was cold and we didn’t really have a lot of luck with the fire but the company was good and kept us warm.

View of the mountains from the hut (Tramping Hawdon Hut Sept 2021)

Above: The mountains were covered in snow.

Subsiding bank (Tramping Hawdon Hut Sept 2021)

Above: We walked back out the next day.

Greenery on the way out (Tramping Hawdon Hut Sept 2021)

Above: There were some nice mossy bits along the way.

Avalanche Peak–Crow Hut April 2021


I’m lying in the Crow Hut after a nice day of tramping with Jeremy.
It went like this. Katie and I drove down to Klondyke corner and picked up Jeremy from there in the morning leaving his car in the car park.
We started walking up the avalanche peak track. Katie told us to go ahead as she wanted to walk her pace. We walked ahead and took a break at the bush line. It was sunny but fresh but it looked like the weather might pack in later. We kept going. It was warm in the sun but then the cloud rolled in as we reached the last climb to the summit ridge. The cloud vanished again as we reached the ridge and we had great views and almost no wind at the top.
We dropped off the summit towards Bealy and then looped back around under Avalanche Peak to a saddle. Then it was a descent into the main ridge towards Rolleston.
We had periods of cold wind and then points where it was completely still again.
It was mostly sunny.
We stopped for lunch and I decided that it wasn’t too shabby all in all.
Jeremy agreed.
The scree descent is well marked and the screes before this all end in bluffs so should be avoided.
Unfortunately the scree was decidedly average and not runnable. We slipped and slid down the slope trying not to do our ankles (as we are old men after all).
Once at the bottom it was a short walk down stream to the very nice Crow Hut.
A family showed up later in the afternoon and pitched tents outside the hut.
We drank a lot of tea and ate a variety of junk food and freeze dry meals.
A nice day of tramping.
Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow and we’ll scamper out the Waimak and head home.

It took us about 4.5 hours-ish with breaks to get to Crow Hut.


It was grey and threatening to rain as we left the hut but we could see blue sky down in the valley. We walked down the crow river leaving the spots of rain behind and emerged at the waimak. We were greeted by a rainbow and nice views up the valley. The mountains reminded me of Europe. We walked out to the car and headed back to Christchurch.