Norway 2016 – Day 2

We left Fåvang about 9:30 in the morning and headed along the unpleasantly busy E6 until we found a place to escape along a parallel road. The scenery was still a bit dull, I was pooped, and although it wasn’t raining it wasn’t sunny either. After a lunch break in Vinstra we headed up into the hills and I got the feeling that we were starting to get away from everything.

By the evening we had reached Skåbu and we found a nice spot by a river in some trees to camp for the evening. Another curry for dinner. Yum.

The scenery was much nicer where we camped. No more farm land, instead there were forests and lakes.

Cooking dinner (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above: We found a place to camp near some picnic tables in a fenced off area. Nobody seemed to mind so we celebrated by cooking a curry for dinner.