Leaving Slovenia

We walked out of the valley today to Kranjska Gora. It’s funny, another place that Gina and I visited three years ago. We swam in the lake that Gina and I had sat at and went to the bakery that we didn’t find last time. Kranjska Gora is a tourist town that seems to have lots of outdoor sports on offer such as mountain biking. Munched sweet deliciousness from the bakery before bussing to Jesenice and spending the rest of the day there. We booked our overnight train which turned into a drama after I called DB Bahn from the tourist office and they only seemed to speak German. I struggled. Well not much of a drama, except for a while it looked like we wouldn’t have enough cash to pay for it. Ate at a slovenian restaurant for tea. Chris had slovenian goulash. Was quite tasty.

Animal and lake (Triglav Nat Kranjska Gora (Triglav Nat

Above left: The lake near Kranjska Gora. Above right: Entering Kranjska Gora.

Below left: Chicken pasta in Jesenice. Below right: Em, Chris, and Cris having beers at a restaurant in Jesenice.

Pasta (Jesenice, Slovenia) resize Beers in Jesenice (Slovenia) resize

We took the overnight train to Zuerich, Switzerland. It was crowded and not particularly comfortable. I met a cool swiss couple who had been holidaying in Croatia. Chris and Emily took turns sleeping on a bed roll poking out into the isle. Later, when there were fewer people on the train, I hogged four seats and lay horizontal for a couple of hours of sleep. We arrived tired in Zuerich and took the first train to Schwyz.

Cris (Jesenice, Slovenia) resize Train station 4 (Jesenice, Slovenia) resize

Above left: Cris at the Jesenice train station. Above right: Jesenice train station by night.

Below left: Waiting for the train. It was an hour late. Below right: Chris sleeps with head between seats and feet in the isle on the train from Slovenia to Switzerland.

Waiting for the train (Jesenice, Slovenia) resize Chris sleeps between seats in the train (Jesenice, Slovenia) resize

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