Slovenian OO.cup day 1

We are snoozing in a little clearing near the forest at the start of the Slovenian OO cup. It’s warm with a very slight breeze. Ideal. We probably look homeless as usual as I am sleeping under my down jacket and we are surrounded by super market bags from out hasty purchasing this morning. We were quire unorganised and managed to get a lift with one of the organisers at 7:30 to the start line this morning. We don’t start until about 12:30 so it has given us plenty of time to laze.

Due to an entry mishap we are all entered in the elite grade. As you well know, I am an elite orienteer so this doesn’t phase me in the slightest. With a number of New Zealand titles to my name and some pretty good results in world ranking events I’m looking forward to some good racing. As you may also know, the last two sentences were all lies…

View from stage 1 snooze (OO cup, Slovenia) resize Papo at the OO cup (OO cup, Slovenia) resize

Afternoon update: The terrain was very difficult. I DNF’d after control 7 of many. We hitched a ride back to our camp ground with some friendly germans. After getting out of our stinky O gear we trekked down to the supermarket and swam in the Slovenian prices. We walked back with a quarter of a huge watermelon strapped to Chris’ pack. Sadly half way back to camp the watermelon made a break and leaped from the top of the pack to land heavily on the footpath. After we cleaned up the resulting mess we had much less watermelon. Oh well…

Mmm I like melons (OO Melon disaster (OO

We are camping by a little stream.

Camp site (OO Dinner time (OO Em and melon (OO

[gmap lat=’45.945925′ lon=’14.04741′]

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