OO.cup stage 4

The race started from near our camp site in Logatec today. The terrain was easier than the first two days but slower than yesterday. It was a mix of castic and continental terrain, I suppose. I walked around slowly and Emily caught me up at control 9. She was also walking as she was feeling ill. We walked the rest of the course together.

Cris + Em (OO Control 72 (OO Cris punches the finish control (OO Southerly storm in the forest (OO Nearing the finish (OO

We messed around the camp ground in the afternoon, booked trains from here to there and tried to work out how to get our O gear to the Swiss O week without going tramping with it. For geek points we downloaded the start list for the Swiss O week and the results for the OO.cup and I hacked some C# to find matches between the two lists. Geeky!

Camp by night (OO The bar by night 2 (OO

[gmap lat=’45.910758′ lon=’14.206237′]