Orienteering in the sun

We left our camp site at the leisurely hour of 1 pm and began walking down the narrow road towards the orienteering. We tested out our hitching thumbs. They obviously needed some warming up as the first few cars didn’t pick us up. It wasn’t long, however, until we were picked up by a norwegian who was helping out with the event organisation.

The orienteering went ok. I didn’t get lost as I had thought I would. Finished a cool 4th from the bottom with two people DNF’ing and one posting a longer time than me. The terrain was reasonably open. The forest didn’t seem to dense and it was fairly quick going through it. There were plenty of marshes to run through if one felt the need. The horse flies were really quite annoying and this was Emily’s biggest complaint. They’re big flies that look a bit like wasps that bite you. They seem to have bigger ‘teeth’ than mosquitoes but their bites don’t itch. Squashing them is a pleasure. Chris felt slow and tired and was a bit disappointed with his run coming 8th or something like that.

Next race tomorrow midday.

Orienteering 1 (GPSDATA-20090702)[maptype=G_HYBRID_MAP;gpxview=all;gpxspeedchart=show]