Triglav (Day 3)

We got up early and walked down the valley a little bit before joining one of the major routes up towards Triglav. An hour or so later we were at the Triglav hut with many tourists. The mountain is the highest in Slovenia at 2864 m and is a national symbol of Slovenia. From the hut we walked up Triglav proper itself arriving at the top. Good view from the top. We descended down the other side of the mountain and headed to a funky via feratta route. I zoomed ahead and soon found some interesting bits of clambering where I was quite glad that I had climbing gear. The ridge that we were climbing down looked mad. It looked like there would be no way you could climb down it. Big drop-offs and flakey bits of rock. It made your head reel a bit trying to work out how it all fitted together. It was good though and once I reached the second saddle of the previous day I lay down and watched Chris and Em pick their way down contemplating that this sort of thing is better than an office job in NZ by far.


View down valley in morning (Triglav Nat Chris climbing (Triglav Nat

Above left: The valley in the morning. Above right: Chris climbing the first section towards the Triglav hut.

Below left: Emily and Cris climbing with valley far below. Below right: Chris at the Triglav summit.

Em + Cris climbing again (Triglav Nat Chris on the very top (Triglav Nat

We camped again at the bivouac.

Below left: Chris, Emily, and Cris on top of Triglav. Below right: View down via feratta route to saddle far below.

The three climbers (Triglav Nat View down via feratta to saddle (Triglav Nat